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General Aviation

Specializing in an extensive list of aircraft, from piston singles to cabin class turbines, we have the expertise and capabilities to get your job done on time and within budget.

One-stop, good as new service means one stop. Our services include everything from heavy structural repair to complete chemical strip and paint. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to find a solution where no one else can. Whether it be a tool design, conceived and built in our shop, or locally fabricating parts that are unavailable—Hampton Aviation is looking ahead, seeing potential problems, and aggressively working towards solutions to provide you with the best value. 

Structural Repair

  • Major structural repair
  • Flight controls rebuild


  • Certified Installer for Frakes Exhaust Kit
  • Fuselage to wing attach angles kit; P/N  101-1202-1S
  • Empennage inspection panels kit; P/N  101-6003-00XX
  • Main wing spar access panels kit; P/N  101-1200-1S
  • Door reinforcement doubler installation kit; P/N  101-4034-1S


Specialty Services

  • Airframe parts duplication
  • Tooling fabrication capabilities for specific repairs 
  • Airframe symmetry inspections
  • Damage history and airframe corrosion inspections
  • Extensive experience in systems troubleshooting
  • Complete aircraft restoration

CCA Air Condition System Dealer

The CCA system pre-cools the King Air cabin and cockpit using a 220 volt extension cord or GPU. This state-of-the-art electric brushless compressor air conditioning system replaces the under-performing engine-driven air conditioning.

Gone are the days of boarding a heat-soaked aircraft and waiting for the old engine driven system to somewhat cool the interior. Just plug-in & pre-cool, hop in, start the engines and go!

Advent eABS Anti-Skid Braking System Dealer

The Advent eABS anti-skid braking system is a breakthrough GPS/digital anti-skid system developed by Advent Aircraft Systems. This system provides the King Air owner/operator/pilot with reliable, effective anti-skid braking in a lightweight, low-cost, easy-to-install FAA certified King Air designed system. The system offers anti-skid braking without the need for power-boosted brakes, bulky and heavy hydraulic accumulators, and does not require modification to the existing landing gear or master cylinders.

Hampton’s Aviation King Air started out as a 200GT and installed the Raisbeck Epic Package and BLR winglets. Hampton is a Raisbeck, Blackhawk, CCA, Advent, Standard Aero, CenTex, Frakes Exhaust approved dealer.